About The Tea Mile

Hello there!

This blog started as my personal record about life reflections, book store joys, my thoughts on the novels or articles I read but I realized I wanted to be more versatile. Like i would discover this weird combination of ingredients that actually tasted awesome together but no platform to share it except in conversation.

And then it occurred to me while I was in class a general theme, you could say, that worked for the various new topics I wanted to include. I drink tea after a meal, while I am reading, I offer it to my closest friends as a gift, I even carry a sachet as I embark on adventures.

I got to know amazing people over a fresh cup of English Breakfast, ginger or peppermint to calm the storm after a bad meal in my belly, green to *destressify

There is also the fact I want to be able to converse with people when I travel, preferably over a cup of tea. To drink tea differently- milk and sugar doesn’t only work for English breakfast

Tea. Constant for versatile reasons.

Have a nice day!


7 thoughts on “About The Tea Mile

    • You put smile on my face! I apologize for taking so long to reply, must be time zones. Thank you for reading the “about page” . You like my pictures? Thank you. The past few days I’ve been feeling very discouraged about them.
      You have a fantastic blog! I didn’t realize coconut oil could be used for so many things. I wish you all success with your etsy store.
      My advice is that you keep on going and perhaps a little more visual content? (You are the blogger and in the end it’s your choice).
      p.S. You’re About page is awesome 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is okay! Thank you I appreciate the follow more then you know! I will deffinetly take your advice!! And thank you for wishing me the best on my Etsy shop!

        You have a fantastic day! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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