Post Semester Reflection

So my grades came out today and they are much lower than I expected… I feel ashamed.

Actually not really.

Like many others, I’ve been brainwashed to feel immense guilt whenever my grades slip. Although my parents tell me to not strain myself, and should instead try to gain experience and knowledge, it never helped in the long-run.

The reason why occurred to me when I saw that beloved organic chemistry grade and felt very little remorse. The reason why is that I gained so much this semester than the previous ones.

  • I am The Vice President of AUB’s African Club.
  • I joined AIESEC.
  • I’m a little more honest with myself
  • My people skills have improved
  • I Learned a few new recipes
  • Finished reading The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson (finally)
  • Started teaching myself how to be less panicky

The list goes on in addition to so many memorable moments. An unforgettable semester indeed.


If I want to continue with this increase of involvement in social activities I need better time management and study habits.

Tips would be appreciated.

Ya’ll have a nice summer now



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