Book Hunting on Bliss Street

                        Books and Pens

Two days ago, my younger brother, lets call him Greg, followed me to campus where I showed him around a bit before taking him to Bliss Street. Bliss Street is right across from campus filled with restaurants, grocery shacks, cafes, and bookstores on it. Very convenient for us university students (and another reason why we end up broke).


Greg had been whining for a bookmark for a while so I took him to the campus book store where he bought the bookmark that had the list of 50 books to read before you die (I had mentioned it in my previous post, it’s a sign).

The next thing I know we are going from bookstore to bookstore trying to purchase some of these books.

We ended up going to a bookstore that I hadn’t known had a second floor, which explains why I only found children’s books for sale. So when Greg and I opened the door, we stood in awe for a moment. The room was brightly lit and filled with neatly arranged books on selves… I know it sounds ordinary but we both couldn’t help ourselves on commenting how beautiful the place looked. The old man behind the cashier was pleased…or flattered…or confused.

Anyways, Greg bought Moby Dick by Herman Melville and 1984 by George Orwell. He was even sweet enough to buy me a 2015 agenda. Which is weird because my brother is selfish most of the time. He must have been overwhelmed by the store’s heavenly nature?

In the end, though I tried to warn him, he still ended up spending all his allowance in one go. Yeah that feeling of bliss is very temporary for us students after we look at our empty wallets…life.

It turns out I have about 4 of the books on the list with me already so my brother and I have decided to finish the list together.

Let me just tell you that only last year my brother bought his first few novels so the fact that he is willing to read those fifty books makes me happy.

I just hope he sticks with it after the list is completed.

We shall see



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