Presently, I can’t sleep…


I’ve finished another semester. Passed all my courses with satisfying grades. Yay! I took two English Literature courses that had a lot of reading material, some which I didn’t finish. Aya: Life in Yop City was one of them. So I’ve decided to finish reading the unfinished reading material before I start on my collection of untouched chronicles.


A few days ago, I was going through my pile of books when I discovered that I have some half-finished novels untouched since high school. I felt sad about it to be honest, especially because a few of them were birthday gifts (I’m sorry). So one of my new year’s resolutions is to finish reading those before reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.

I’ve finished reading Aya: Love in Yop City, the second part of the Aya series. I like the ending. I like the fact that a certain character gets to prove his father wrong. I adore the idea of the town player discovering what it means to love someone else. Like I elaborated in my previous post, I recommend this series because it is a funny, beautifully illustrated graphic novel with references to serious societal themes. I suggest reading Aya after a long day of classes or work…

droopy eyelids, a series of yawns…




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