Rant #1

Hello there.

It is certainly challenging to keep up with a novel once school,university, or work resumes. Its worse when you have so many thoughts about the book but no time to share it with others. So if you are like me, you may or may not be having conversations with yourself about the historical richness of the book. I am currently reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

The mistake I do not want to repeat is being inactive on my blog for too long. Running this blog does make me happy and keeps my maelstrom of thoughts in check to be honest.

I am taking two English courses, along with others, this semester and I absolutely love them. The only down side is that the assignments are so time consuming that my time for pleasurable reading is sadly very low. What is comforting is that I am not alone in this. What is encouraging is that some people manage to manage both their leisure and their work until some kind of equilibrium is formed! I aspire for that!

From the depths of my heart, I hope everyone is doing okay. Poverty, bombs are parading, recession, domestic violence, Ebola, and it stretches on. How chaotic and depressing. However, let us remember the small pleasures in life such as music, pizza, family, books, and much more.

Curious, what are you currently reading? An article? a novel? Your biology textbook? I’d honestly love to know. Take care



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