1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

I found my copy of 1Q84, the complete trilogy, by Haruki Murakami at the same store where I bought my copy of The Catcher in the Rye, but on different days. At first, I thought that having three novels in one, with a super cool title, for less than twenty dollars was an awesome deal. Yes, very shallow thinking. I will admit. But what is better than a cheap book?

A cheap book holding a spectacular story within its pages…

Our protagonist, Aomame, is a fitness instructor with a controversial side job. Partnered with the wealthy dowager, Mrs. Ogata, she assassinates men whom had committed domestic violence against their wives. While math teacher and writer, Tengo, suddenly becomes a ghostwriter for the book, Air Chrysalis, written by Fuka-Eri.

“…there seems no way to save them both. Something extraordinary is starting.”-1Q84, Haruki Murakami.

And then the book takes a supernatural and a science fictional turn when our main characters are “transported” to parallel world: an exact copy of 1984 Japan except two moons take over the night sky and a divine force called “The Little People” manifest their power through an organization called Sakigake. Dohta and Maza, Perceiver and Receiver, The two moons, The Esso tiger, and The Little People are just a few aspects of these three books that make this trilogy one of the weirdest that I have read till now. I admire the author’s creativity to the fullest.

While I was reading the book there were moments where I had my doubts that our main characters would ever be reunited. So many obstacles had hindered their encounter that by the third book there was so much built up frustration in me. And then I read the heavenly words printed on page 1,276 to1,277. I actually jumped off the couch smiling and laughing like an idiot!

In contrast, the author expressed this profound moment in a calm, slow, descriptive manner.

  “never once in twenty years had he forgotten the feeling.”- Haruki Murakami

Is one of the many sentences the author used to bring that moment into existence. Reading that quote honestly make me smile— I’m a hopeless romantic. In the end the book left me wondering if soul mates actually exist and other things. But in this day and age does anyone still believe in soul mates?

It was always challenging to explain to my friends what this book is about but, without a doubt, 1Q84 is an unusual love story …and I only came to this conclusion after I finished reading it.

I praise the author for his writing style. The words just flowed so smoothly, content rich in vocabulary, description, and adequate dialogue. However, some parts do seem to drag on a bit. Books like this do require some patience but overall I feel it is worth the time. This is the first of the author’s work I have read so far and I will definitely be reading more of his work in the future. Special thanks to Jay Rubin and Philip Gabriel for translating 1Q84 into English.

To this present day, I cannot match this trilogy with any other book or series I have read. 1Q84 is undoubtedly a unique, eccentric love story and definitely one of my favorites.

Personally I am not against Aomame’s work as a vigilante and I am curious to know if you, fellow reader, support or do not support Aomame’s act of vigilantism?

Read more about 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami here.



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